Thursday, November 29, 2007

R&N - 11/29/07

Hey folks,

Got Part 2 News of Yesterday... Not posting it all now, but just a lil' bit. I'll have a larger post by the end of the day...

Usher & Tomeka - Named Baby the 5th!

Just to finish off the Usher topic for the time being, it has been announced that they've named the baby Usher Raymond V... Yes, Usher was number 4. That's gonna be interesting when the Usher V gets older. Think he'll be singing like his daddy?

Common - Dating Serena Williams?!

I'm not much of a gossiper on relationships, but Common hasn't gotten much press as of late... I hear the honeys are real fans of his, so I'm just gonna throw this out here... They might be dating... I've seen Jay-Z & Beyonce try to pull this same kind of look off coming out of a restaurant... They try to go their separate ways so that it looks different than what it is...

RZA addresses Raekwon's Issues

Like Dilly was talking about earlier about Wu-Tang and how Raekwon didn't like how the album was coming, here is what RZA had to say about that... I think everybody in Wu-Tang is crazy, but that's just me...

Young Buck - Dude Got Robbed?!

There was a WILD rumor out there that Young Buck from G-Unit got robbed... Rumor was that there was an argument, and Young Buck lost his watch, chain and somebody took his Bentley!... That's CRAZY...

This is what Buck said to AHH:

“Ain’t nobody robbed me for a thing... There was an altercation between me and a dude here in Tennessee and during that altercation, I lost a watch which came off my arm. But as far as someone taking my Bentley, my Bentley is sitting pretty without a scratch on it, right here in my driveway and my jewelry is right here too. I guess this is what people wanted to happen. I didn’t get robbed for anything.”

Buck also said that the dispute wasn't over money. “I don’t owe anyone money and the dude who I had the altercation with knows me and I know him and we already had our words since the altercation happened, so whoever is posting this or commenting on this recklessly is trying to take Buck down but you can’t take Buck down.”

I heard that a similar incident happened when he tried to sign a homie of his to G-Unit... homie got his chain snatched, and 50 said "fahgeddaboutit", lol. Guess that's not what happened with Buck.


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