Wednesday, November 28, 2007

R&N - 11/28/07

Hey folks,

We and Dilly been at it trying to post daily for you guys... Hope you guys are enjoying it... Anywayz, I got ridiculous news for y'all... It's ALOT, so I'm a cut it short, and save some for the rest of the week.

Birdman - Arrested on Marijuana charges!

Not that it's that big a deal... You know all them rappers got their weed habit, but the deal is that 15 people in his entourage got arrested! That's a big bust. All of them had about half an ounce of weed on 'em. The jailhouse got full REAL quick last night... In other words, most of Cash Money Records, promoter, Birdman's wife, Ronald Williams (CEO) among others minus Lil' Wayne got locked up on marijauna possession. Looks like Birdman is gonna need to use some of his 100 Million Dollars for bail money.

Usher - New Baby Boy!

Looks like Usher and Tomeka had their first baby boy born on Monday! Congrats to the couple. Great time to promote that new album, homie.

Fabolous - Street Fam Member Murdered!

One of Fab's childhood friends and member of his Street Family team was stabbed to death inside Duvet, a popular New York nightclub early Friday morning.

Police in front of the club saw Shamel McKinney, stumble out of the club, bleeding from multiple stab wounds.

Witnesses said that as the while two other women fought, three men attacked McKinney and he died from his stab wounds at nearby Saint Vincent’s hospital. Cops found a 7-inch folding knife covered in blood in a dumpster near the club.

That's pretty ill... Condolescences go out to McKinney's family.

Lauryn Hill - The Re-Education of Lauryn Hill!

People are still in awe in how Lauryn Hill made a classic album, "The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill", won 5 grammies, then just fall off like that... Columbia Records has actually put out a mixtape out for her fans... I hope Lauryn can get back to THIS kinda music...

Here is the tracklisting.... I'll see if I can get some of these for you guys...

1. Music (intro)
2. Lose myself
3. Rebel
4. The passion
5. Selah
6. Social drug
7. A change is gonna come
8. Motives & thoughts (poem)
9. Take too much (rich man)
10. Guarding the gates
11. The makings of you
12. Freedom time
13. One higher soul (outro)

Chamillionaire - Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday to Chamillionaire! He is now 28. Ultimate Victory is a beast of an album! Go cop that!

That's all for now...
Voting - The Evil "Registration"

But just a quick post, for those who voted, please note that you must be REGISTERED to vote, or in order for it to count. It's a small loophole, but here is what I got to say about registering. The link to vote is in that picture in the the top right corner of the page.


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