Wednesday, November 14, 2007

R&N - 11/14/07 - Extra Serving Edition

Wow... I've got lots to talk about, but not enough time to do it... Some things to speak about Good News, Bad News, and THEN SOME..

Good News - Music Blog Contest!

Yesterday, I got an email about being entered in a Music Blog Contest... It's hosted by (hold top album charts for music) and (Like Neilsen TV ratings). The contest runs until Dec. 12th. So I need ALL my MUSIC FORECAST fans to come vote for me. Click on this link to vote.

Another link will also be on the right hand side of the page with the other Links.
Only thing y'all might be mad at is that you have to register... I knew this would turn people off... So I tried registering myself... Surprisingly, it took me less than 30 seconds. This is the ONLY info you need to add:

After typing in some fake info, picked a username & password, i gave them my real e-mail so they could activate my account, then I VOTED. You could only imagine who I voted for, lol.
Then I was done. If you have 30 seconds to spare and you're REALLY feeling my page, I hope you guys vote for me. :-D

Bad News - Jadakiss - Dropped The Ball (FOREAL)
Now, I don't want to be ashamed about Jada (especially after Dilly served him up on that last post), but THAT HURTS. Especially being brought up in BKNY (Brooklyn). All I know is that Jada needs to hope these vids of him screwing up on stage go away faster than Beyonce's fall down the steps at that one concert this summer.

My View: After Jay-Z drops another classic, Nas drops another classic, and Jada sells double platinum, NEW YORK is back in bizness. :-p

THEN SOME - Prince - DISSES Fans?!

I just found out that Prince has a DISS SONG. Clearly, i thought I was reading wrong... But apparently, it's called "P FUnk". It's aimed at certain members of a fan site called Prince Fans United. I don't think I can name the user.... Weemolicious(clears throat) that Prince was dissing, though. Shout outs to Chris from .

The new song these lyrics:

"The only reason you say my name
Is to get your fifteen seconds of fame
Nobody's even sure what you do
I don't care what people may say
I ain't gonna let it ruin my day."

Anywayz, I'll try find that song when I get a chance, but I just wanted to hit y'all with a lil' update. Next post should have those EXCLUSIVE tracks you guys love so much.


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