Thursday, November 15, 2007

R&N - 11/15/07 - EXCLUSIVES!

Hey folks,

So many things to post, so little time to do it...

Anywayz, like I promised yesterday, I'm a drop some exclusives for you folks, as well as some other favorites I got...

Lil Wayne - Brand New

I went through old blog posts yesterday to see how things have progressed to this point and saw all the exclusive tracks that have been posted... Apparently, 120 of y'all downloaded that Duffle Bag Boys Remix that Lil' Wayne did. Obviously, some of you guys must like him. So, with that said... I'm puttin' up one a Lil' Wayne track from "The Drought 4".

Brand New

Jae Millz - Bring NYC Back!

Also, I've been dying to post this track up, EVER SINCE yesterday's Jadakiss post, so lemme show you how NYC REALLY DOES IT! Featuring my man, Jae Millz! Peep game. One day, he will help bring New York back! Let this man drop an album sometime soon....

International Players Anthem Freestyle

Chrisette Michelle - Album Sampler

Now before I roll out, I want to make this post even out some by puttin' up some RnB by a VERY Talented female artist ALSO from the New York area (Strong Isle bka Staten Island, I do believe). Her name... Chrisette Michelle... Her album, a very HOT and REFRESHING piece of work. Check out these sample tracks and see what I'm talking about. You can also click here for her video single.

More news possibly later.

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