Wednesday, November 14, 2007

R&N - 11/14/07 - EXCLUSIVES!


So yesterday this video had been poppin up in and around the internet of T.I. chillin in his bathrobe professing his INNOCENCE, yes innocence to the public. What's funny about the video is T.I. just look like his bored out of his mind. Big ol house, all that money, and can't do nutin w/ it except kick it w/ 3 people who he probably don't wanna be with anyway. But yo what is really is sad that this cat still tryna say he not guilty. I mean dude, yo own mans ratted u out, it was a set up B, how can u go against that. And they seen the guns in your house. In case yall haven't seen it I'ma show yall the pic right below the video. Shout outs to for getting the exclusive footage.

Guns found @ T.I.'s Home

Jadakiss - Official ROC Crowning...goes awkward

Ayo, so like we said here at MF 3.0, Jadakiss was closing in on signing w/ Jay-Z to the ROC... well its now official. And they made it official recently at a concert Jay had in NYC on Sunday Night. Aiight, so here is how it went Jay-Z after running through a couple of songs, stops the music, and announces that the Roc Boys are in the house and then brings out Jadakiss as the newest addition to the Roc. Jada throws up the sign, and everyone yells, similar to Dame presenting 'ye (Kanye) in the "Through The Wire" video. Ok, so DJ Green Lantern who was spinning that night throws on "All About The Benjamins" and Jada repeats the chorus a couple of times and then was like nah, nah that's Puff's joint put one of my joints on. There's a brief silence while Lantern cues a new Jada song and then throws on "The Champ Is Here." Instead of wrecking the verse and showing y he got signed, Jada wussies out and goes "ah, man I don't know those lyrics, you put me on the spot." The song continues to run while Jada lookin' back at Lantern like put sumtin' else on, put sumtin' else on. Jay-Z ain't pleased. The situation goin' from bad to worse, Jadakiss reluctantly blurts out, "Man, put on Roc Boys, let's do Roc Boys," and the show goes back to Jay-Z.

ARE YOU SERIOUS!? B, you just got signed and you don't know your on lyrics to your song! That's not what that is. At this rate New York will NEVER be back. Anyway, here go the video, enjoy!

Paul Wall & Chamillionaire BRIEFLY Reunite

For all yall southern cats out there who remember when Paul Wall & Chamillioanire were a duo with Swisha House and then w/ their own Color Changing Click, well my brother, who lives down in Houston, just now told me that last wednesday @ Texas Southern University, Koopa & Paul Wall who were both scheduled to perform separately with a slew of other performers shocked the crowd and came out together and performed "In Luv Wit My Money." If you're like me, this is BIG news, as I've been waitin' for the longest to get these cats back together. Hopefully now that they have both tasted success and had sophomore efforts flop maybe they'll collab and released a follow-up. Fingers crossed.

Anyway, that's is all for now, keep posted 'cuz my man AB got a annoucement to make soon...

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