Tuesday, November 27, 2007

R&N - 11/27/07 - EXCLUSIVES!

Dilly here, hittin' u with some more greatness...
You Gotta Hear This
Didn't somebody say Hip Hop is dead? Didn't I hear the south only knows how to make dance moves? Well Outkast have shot down all that nonsense with this new track, The Art of Storytelling pt. 4 ft. Marsha Ambrosius (formerly of Floetry). This track is going to be on DJ Drama's Gangsta Grillz: The Album.

Outkast ft. Marsha - The Art of Storytelling pt.4

DJ Drama's Turn
Not to be outdone by DJ Khaled current's reign, DJ Drama is gearin' up to release his fully loaded mixtape album and just keeps blessin' us with hot tracks. We already gave yall 5000 ones and showed yall the video on that, but look at what he got now...

Clipse ft. Pharrell - Cheers

Tabi Bonney: Breath of fresh air
This cat is real. Yall might have heard the name from the track he had buzzing earlier in the year, "The Pocket." Well apparently he has been killing in D.C. and other ares in the East Coast and is following up his last album, A Fly Guy's Theme, with another effort. His style is real different, I can't really explain it, I'll just let yall hear it n watch the video, n you'll let me know.

Birdman: I'm gonna make you hear me
I'm really not tryna hear a Birdman album but it's lookin' like that's what we're gonna have before we get blessed with The Carter III, but anyway Birdman got a new track, 100 Million Dollars...and u know what it's pretty similar to Pop Bottles, and 5000 ones, but it's playable. Why? Oh because it's got like 5 other cameos on there. I tell you man Birdman got friends.

Birdman ft Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, Young Jeezy, Dj Khaled and Dre - 100 million dollars

Smitty doubles up
Diamonds on my neck? Yall remember that joint? I use to love that track, well yeah that's him, and this is his new joint. It's called Tell Me, ft. Mario AND Chris Brown. Why you need to R&B artists on your joint? I don't know, but the song is a lil bit of a banger, nice mid-tempo joint. But definately not enough to get an album released. What yall think?

Smitty ft. Mario & Chris Brown - Tell Me

Alicia Keys ft. Kanye West's No One
I can't remember if I've posted it or not but this verse 'ye got is nice.

Kanye West -No One ft. Alicia Keys (lol)

Jackson 5 REUNION!

Yes, it's damn near official. Jermaine Jackson has released sayin' the fam is getting back together and will be touring in 2008. He says they owe it to the fans. Oh and this tour WILL be with Michael. Man, I don't know 'bout yall, but this is good news. Even if you don't like Michael Jackson, you know you luved Lil Mike. I really do see this tour working, especially if they let Michael and Janet have their solo sets, man, they'll sell out everywhere. What yall think?

That's all, holla.

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