Wednesday, November 7, 2007

R&N - 11/07/07 - ALBUMS To COP!

Hey folks,

I hope you're going to the CD stores this week! 3 HOT NEW albums came out yesterday!
I ended up buying 2 albums, because I don't like spending more than $20 on albums all at one time (unless I was just ballin' like that).

So I picked up Jay & Cass... Jay-Z really don't need much promo. Hot singles: Blue Magic (almost played out now), Roc Boys (RIDICULOUS!), Hello Brooklyn 2.0 (NYCE!) and even Pray (even the first song is a banger!) I know I already posted them, but this is just a REMINDER... I posted them WAY BACK...

Chris Brown... I don't have too much to say too much on him. He's a done deal... Half of America's teenage girls are jumping all up on this album... He doesn't dissapoint.

I'd talk about Cassidy, but I'll save that for tomorrow's post. Cassidy's album is special on a totally different level. Don't sleep on dude. Anyway, here is my recap and most of my favorite tracks on their albums.

Down ft. Kanye West
Kiss Kiss
Wall To Wall Remix ft. Jadakiss (Not on Album)

I hope this stimulates the music industry for real. Get up and go cop your albums, folks.


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