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R&N - 11/08/07 - CASSIDY'S BARS

Hey folks,

Cassidy - My Review

I don't see too many reviews or hype about Cassidy's album... Don't know why... The dude is back... After some jail time (explained on Innocent) and near fatal car accident (explained on Drink N 2 Step), I'd take a break from rap too... But now, he's back, more focused than ever. His 1st album (Split Personality) put out some hot singles and a buzz... Unfortunately, that's about it.

The 2nd album (I'm A Hustla) was HOT, all the way 'round, but he wasn't able to promote it, due to jail time. It struggled to go gold... I can go back to that album, and still bang it.

This 3rd album... He's still Cassidy, but after 4, 5 tracks, you start getting confused on what he's talking about... "Wait, is he mentioning God?" "Did he talk about Jesus?"... Yea... On a rap album?! This is how you know he's changed up some... Check out these tracks to see what I'm talkin' about...

Leaning On The Lord ft. Angie Stone

Done For Me

Now if you believe that people can change for the better, have some sort of spiritual side, and like good hip-hop music, this album is a must have. I don't know what kind of flack I'm gonna get for posting this. But I'm just being real. I know he's talking about a lot of violence, guns and using mild language, but change isn't overnight. Takes time... From this album, he seems to be telling stories he feels need to be put out and let the world here. Forget being "gangsta", he's being true to himself, and realizes that people need to understand it without being too preachy.

Also, give dude the respect he deserves, lol. Peep this vid real quick.

TI (c'mon... TI vs. TIP), Yung Joc (The Motorcycle) & Soulja Boy (Bathing Apes aka BAPES) need to give this dude props. Think about that, lol.

Anyway, long story short... this album is a classic in the sense that he's making the biggest attempt I've seen to talk about religion without doing Christian rap. If you buy his album, you can show the industry that you can talk about stuff like that and STILL be successful. That's what's good in my book.

I hope you do great this week, Cass.


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