Thursday, November 8, 2007

R&N - 11/09/07 - Hip Hop Happenings & EXCLUSIVES

What's Cooking In The Pot?

A lot of artists are heavy in the studio workin' on their next release and some are having positive time w/ that, some are finding it harder then others... Here's a quick rundown of what's happening:

Wu Tang - Family Reunion?!

Wu Tang Clan's new reunion album ain't quite goin' the way they expected. In a recent interview, Raekwon said that he and the other members of Wu are very unhappy with Rza's heavy guitar-laden beats on the group's upcoming comeback disc, 8 Diagrams. So much so that they will come out with a follow-up album if changes aren't made to this one, or of it's not permanently shelved. Apparently Rza has become a "Hip Hop Hippie" according to Rae, and the sound he's trying to make 'em do, ain't poppin. And he also complained yet again about money mismanagement. I swear them cats don't get along.

Lil' Jon - Crunk Rock in 08?!

Remember Lil Jon's "Crunk Rock" album that was suppose to drop before "Snap Yo Fingers" even got poppin', yeah that was a while ago huh, well according to Jon, the project is still coming along and slated to be released sometime in 2008. He told MTV News that he's finished with the "rock" half of the album and just has to finish the rap elements of it."It's probably really like 65 percent, maybe 70 percent done," Jon explained. "I'm still tweaking and coming up with other ideas and other collaborations I want to get done. If Jon don't hurry up, his album gonna slip into that Hip Hop folklore category as Dr Dre's Detox, which by the way is suppose to come out Summer '08...yeah right.

Chingy - New Album?!

workin' on his new s**t...don't really care right?

Pitbull - New Album

Pitbull finna drop a new album and got this joint buzzin' w/ Lloyd called Secret Admirer. I'm feelin' this joint, not just cuz I like Pitbull n his creativity but 'cuz it samples that Ghostdown Dj's joint - My Boo from back in the day. Yall know what I'm talkin 'bout w/ them So So Def Bass All-Star days. Skating Rink, wuuuuttt!

Pitbull ft. Lloyd - Secret Admirer

G Unit is back!

I don't know 'bout yall, but I kinda like G-Unit, and I like 50, even if he is a snitch, a whiner, a sore loser, and over-saturated. I think it's 'cause I still can't get over Get Rich or Die Tryin', still one of the illest albums ever, yeah I said it, and the fact that he ran the game for a whole year, and that was before Jay-Z retired. Anyway, him and his potnas are back w/ a new album "Shoot to Kill" slated to drop on December 18th. There first single is w/ Lil Kim titled "Wanna Lick." Young Buck put this together and squashed the beef between Kim and 50, ha, so this track is basically Magic Stick pt. 2. But the track I like is the track called Feel Good. The beat go hard, head nodder, and 50 verse is mad entertaining, but once again he went w/ the cheap video effect n shot it himself.

G-Unit - Feel Good

Alright, that's it for now, enjoy this and enjoy the weekend. ~Dilly

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