Monday, November 5, 2007

R&N - 11/05/07 - EXCLUSIVES!

Hey folks,

Trey Songz - Arrested?!

Okay, I'm a need half of Hip-Hop getting arrested in the past month...
Trey got charged with "behaving as a disorderly person and resisting arrest." He got off on $500 bond... That's better than paying $3M like T.I.

Joe Budden - New Video
Don't be hatin' on my boy, Joe Budden... This joint is kinda hot. Even if he got dropped from Def Jam... I'm sure he's gonna re-up on a new deal. Have you heard his "Mood Muzik" mixtapes?!

Joe Budden - Star Inside Of Me

Tupac - Statue Defacement

The nerve of this dude... Kenneth Anthony Wilson was charged on November 1st with 2nd degree criminal damage to property. A rope with a wooden cross attached to it was found wrapped around the Tupac statue that stands in the Center's Peace Garden in Atlanta. He is being held on a $1500 bond. What a sad day that people still participate in acts like this... Nuff said.

Nas - Surviving The Times

Jay-Z - Roc Boys (And The Winner Is...)
It took A WHILE to get, but finally got it...


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