Monday, November 5, 2007

R&N - 11/05/07 - Evening EXCLUSIVES!

Jay-Z - Takeover on Sirius ALL Week!

Jay-Z will be on SIRIUS all week promoting his American Gangster album, as well as playing his favorite albums of him and other artists... That's a good look, marketing wise. :-p

Rihanna & Beyonce - Du

Rumor is Rihanna is re-releasing her CD with a Beyonce duet... "So Glamorous". She will also have Umbrella Remix (Cinderella) with Chris Brown along with some other tracks... That may be hot.


Yo, I'm officially endorsing Cassidy's album tomorrow... well not really, but I'm really trying to promote this album! It's hot! It's not your regular Cassidy, but it's still something to be reckoned with. He shows ALOT of growth on this album, due to his incarceration and near-fatal car accident. After a story like that, you GOT to put out a dope album...

Go cop that album tomorrow along with the American Gangster soundtrack... I mean Jay-Z's unofficial soundtrack album. :-p

Lupe Fiasco ft. Matthew Santos - SuperStar

Also, be on the lookout for Jay-Z's "Roc Boys" aka "And The Winner Is..." whose video ALSO premiers today:

This was his performance on Letterman.
Audio in this post from like 2 weeks ago:

I got more heat, but I'll save it for tomorrow. Be ready :-p



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