Thursday, June 19, 2008

R&N - 06/19/08

Young Jeezy Arrested!

Rappers sure know how to drive dirty (Thanks, Chamillionaire) and get caught... No seriously... How do you drive intoxicated, get 2 counts of DUI, speeding recklessly, no tags, AND no insurance??! Go ask Jeezy... He was able to get all those counts against him after comin' out the studio at 2:30AM yesterday...

He was later released after paying off $4100 worth of fines... I know Jeezy got some "bank", but I don't think that it's being spent on the right stuff. Take it from me... Tickets are a pain in the butt...

Lil' Wayne Scored A Milli Last Week!

After gettin some of the lousiest reviews in his career, ya boy Wayne STILL did RIDICULOUS numbers last week with his newest album, the Carter 3. How ridiculous? 1,005,045... That's bigger than 50's and Kanye's album war.

That just goes to show... If you got true fans, it don't matter what you put on the album... But I know it's gonna have a HUGE plummet come next week... But I think I'll let you guys comment on that... I'm usually harsh on those eccentric rappers such as 50 and Wayne, but I feel I give a fair opinion... Anybody else wanna comment, feel free to. I'm out.


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