Saturday, June 21, 2008

R&N - 06/21/08 - OnSmash Saturday

New music. it's awesome. duh.

Hey there! 1st post from me (RiaB. / Hermione). I don't know how much of an intro I need, but I'll just say, I'm kinda slightly taking after my brother. lol.
I may or may not be posting here regularly, but I have been finding out about cool musicians.
Here's some new music you may not have heard.

The gentlemen of Honor Society can really rock. Who are they? Michael Bruno, Andrew Lee, Jason Rosen, and Alex Noyes (former Jonas Brothers’ back-up drummer).

As they say, "We do not play shows... We throw parties!"

Genre: well, on their myspace it says

Rock / Pop / Hip Hop

So that’s what I’m going with. It's a cross between Prince and Fall Out Boy. The singles on their MySpace … AMAZING. Buy the LP. It’s totally awesome. & I think "See You In the Dark" is pretty addictive.

Acoustic Version of "This Bed is an Ocean"

Also, they do this skit called "The Gentlemen's Club." It's highly entertaining.. and gentlemanly. (right now there are 7 episodes. Here's the first to start you off.)

The Gentlemen's Club - Episode 1:

Their new merchandise site is up and running now (as of Friday). They’ve played around New York and New Jersey. They held their EP release party/concert @ the Knitting Factory. I heard it was amazing! (I’m not in the area to go.)

BTW, they held a pre-Camp Rock party on JTV ( It was highly entertaining. They’re funny… answered some questions, played a song by request, danced, & some other stuff you would just have to tune in to find out about. Haha.

PopStar magazine’s NEW August issue has an article about them. So check that out, too.

lots of links:
Honor Society Merchandise
For booking concerts this summer, it will be like a house-party. For more info on that, email honorsocietymusic@gmail.
their YouTube
their BlogSpot

PS- if you do add them as friends on myspace, could you either comment here or on theirs that Hermione referred you? :) k, thanks.
note: "duh" is like.. an Honor Society thing. You'll see what I mean if you watch some webisodes & such


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