Wednesday, March 26, 2008

03/26/08 - Hump Day EXCLUSIVES

The Game Got Big Dreams
The Game's street single to his 3rd, and FINAL album, LAX, has been leaked, and MF 3.0 has got it. Now yall know I don't like The Game, and I think he's talking out of his @$$ when he say he's retiring after this album, because he's done dropped 3 "classic" albums, and has nothing left to say, but this track Big Dreams, produced by Cool & Dre, is pretty solid. The Game knows what he can do basically, and he doin' it. Peep it here, and let us know what you think.

Mariah Carey's Annual Hip-Hop Remix w/ Def Jam Relevants

Mariah Carey, now I love this woman, but her Touch My Body single, written by The Dream, I really wasn't feeling. Especially after the last time she came out her first single was We Belong Together, and those two just don't compare. Well as MC always does with at least one of her single's from her albums, she hooks up with who's poppin' in the Hip-Hop world and puts down a remix which most of the time is better than the original. Well they did it again, this time it is better and she didn't have to look to far for relevancy seein' as Def Jam is having a hell of time with their artists right now. Yeah Ricky Ross debuted at #1 last week, sucka...although I do believe Def Jam had a hand in that. Anyway, MC is stickin' to her formula in order to remain top diva, and so far it's working, but let me tell ya, MC does have Janet beat out, but Whitney Houston done got rid of Bobby so she ain't playing when she come back around, watch.

Outkast and The Chef Cookin' Up So More Heat

Yet another hot track from the ATLiens, this time with a Wu-Tang alumni. Just peep the track. Hip Hop is still alive like I said before.

Joe Budden Stages His ComebackJoe Budden, a man who use to be one of my favorite rappers, is finally set to return to mainsteam after a 5 year hiatus. Joe Budden has been working the mixtape circuits for years now, and has developed quite a strong, loyal following. However that loyal following, is just really small. Well Joe Budden has just recently release his first single of his new album, Padded Room, which is set to drop in June. When asked to explain his first single Joe says that, "The song is very Jersey, very dance, but not 2 be confused with anything gimmicky, or bubblegum. Quite the opposite, no matter what type of record I do, we will not dumb down lyrically. 'T & G' is the beginning of my gradual progression back 2 the mainstream world. It's 1 bullet from the clip, but not by any means the strongest." I don't know about yall...but if I was a artist, and I'm trying to move some units and/or become relevant again, I'm hitting yall with the hardest thing I got. Anyway, peep the track and see if Joe B is makin' the right moves or not.
Joe Budden - Touch & Go

Well alright yall, I'm out, hope yall could handle all that. Two more days 'til the weekend.


Anonymous said...

actually, Mariah's first single last year was "It's Like That". "We Belong Together" was released second.

and i don't know why people like this remix. the instrumental is too "screechy" for me.

Dilly said...

You right on that one. I noticed that after I posted. But fair to say that It's Like That is still a better track than Touch My Body, but I do have to disagree on the screechy instrumental. Beat is solid.