Monday, March 24, 2008

R&N 3/25/08 Rock-N-Roll Tuesday

Mudcrutch Getting Some Play

Don't know who Mudcrutch is? I bet you know who Tom Petty is! Mudcrutch was his first true rock band and well over 30 years, and they are getting some airplay. Surprisingly they are getting a lot of play in the Dallas area. Believe me, if you are a Tom Petty fan, Mudcrutch is like stepping upon a goldmine. Listen to "Wild Eyes" keep your ears open, and check them out on 92.5 and 93.3 The Bone.

They Do Make Great albums

The Counting Crows are back with the release of "Saturday Nights and Sunday mornings." You can get it in stores near you. Hey what's not to like about this band, besides the strange hair of their lead singer. The Crows truly write a great record every time they hit the studio. And if your not a Counting Crows fan, check this new album out, you may change your mind.

Hot Or Hot

That's right there is no not in this amount of hot. Gnarls Barkley is smoking, and the groups new album "The Odd Couple" is brilliant. You can pick this up in stores everywhere today,so get up, get out and get it. From crazy costumes, insane shows, and mind blowing lyrics, you can't go wrong with these soulful rockers!

Harley-Davidson Concert

Yea they make the most bad ass motorcycles in the world, but the same goes for their concerts too. Daughtry, Buddy Guy, Peter Frampton, The Black Crowes, and ZZ-Top on the main stage. Rock-N-Roll fans wake up! Even if you don't own a Harley this is a concert you can still purchase tickets too. Concert dates include August 29th and the 30th. And by the way, Bruce Springsteen is playing the Harley 105th Anniversary show. At this point I'm ready to stop shaving and grow my hair out, buy a Harley soft tail
and call it a day!


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