Wednesday, March 26, 2008

R&N - 03/26/08 - Evening News

T-Boz - Comin' Back?!

Word on the street is that T-Boz of TLC is about to drop a new album soon... She may be working with Pharrell. More than likely, Polo Da Don and Dallas Austin will be producing. I hope it's good... I need a lil' bit of TLC back in my life, heheh.

Kanye West - Good Life Not A Good Look

Man... it's lookin' like every producer now a days is jacking. Timbaland, Dr. Dre, now Kanye???
Kanye is being sued by Dayna Staggs, A.K.A. DMystro from Maryland for copyright infringement
on the song "Good Life." Staggs wants 85% of all world sales of the proceeds from the music that uses his work. Man, wasn't someone suing Kanye and Luda for "Stand Up" a while back... I'm a need people to stop jackin... But Good Life was a heck of a jam last year...

Nate Dogg - This Dog Got Probation

Man... haven't heard from Nate Dogg in a good minute... But just when you finally hear about them... BAM... Punchin' his ex-girlfriend's new boyfriend in the face... Nate Dogg was sentenced to 3 years probation yesterday after pleading guilty to the assault and is now prohibited from carrying weapons... Go fig... Ya'll got comments, go 'head and post 'em.

Mario - Got Some Moves

On a lighter note...
Now I know that Dilly was clowning on Mario for gettin' on Dancing With The Stars, but
MAN... this performance was hot... I'd give it a 9.5 . Homey was doin' his thing. Peep the vid.


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