Thursday, March 27, 2008

R&N - 03/27/08 - Evening News - Guilty Edition

Tonight is just one of those crazy nights... This is the scoop for the day...

Remy Ma - Found Guilty!

Remy Ma will probably be sitting in jail tonight. Remy left a Manhattan courtroom in tears today in handcuffs. She was convicted of shooting one of her former friends in front of a nightclub last summer. It seems that after she admitted to shooting the gun off "by accident", the jury made their decision...

She now faces up to 25 years behind bars. If she receives the maximum sentence, homegirl will be about 50 when she is released from prison. The sentencing is to take place April 23rd and is currently jailed without bail.

TI - Pleaded Guilty!

I couldn't believe it until I saw the video.... TI has plead GUILTY to his gun charges and plans to do 1000 community service hours before going to jail for a year. Don't believe, check the vid...

Lil' Wayne & Nivea - Guilty of Hanging out Again

So... Nivea is single(?) now that she's divorced The Dream... The reason I say it like that is because I've not heard any follow-up news since. But yea, they were out on the town in Atlanta last night... She needs some press right now anyways...

Mary J. Blige - Guilty of Ballin' out on her Dream Home

Congrats to Mary and her new house... She copped a mansion for 12.3M in New Jersey. 18,250-square-feet. She is officially guilty of Ballin' out. That's all for tonight... Hope ya'll been enjoyin' it.



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