Wednesday, March 19, 2008

03/19/08 - Hump Day EXCLUSIVES

Once again it's on, Dilly back for another Hump Day EXCLUSIVES. Got some audio and video pleasure for ya, so volume up and download your flash player if your lame ass still ain't got one.

Thank You Jay-Z & Mary J. Blige
Jay Z and Mary J. Blige are on tour together, so why not make another song together. That's exactly what they got here with "You're Welcome" produced by the monster Swizz Beats. Typical Jay, typical Mary J, but yo that means it's typical hotness. Don't know if its a main single meant to push any albums, someone correct me if this joint is on Mary J's album, but I do feel it'll get play regardless. And plus now they got more songs to duet with on stage. Enjoy.

Leona Lewis: The New British InvasionNow you know I gotta show love to my fellow Brits when I can, but this artist needs no bias when it comes to her work. The winner of Simon Cowell's X Factor show, a show similar to American Idol, but harder seein' as other factors such as dance, and appeal matter, Leona Lewis, took the UK and Europe by storm. Her cover of Kelly Clarkson's "Moment Like This" was the fastest selling and top single of 2006 in the UK, then her debut album Spirit, and first single beat her record and both became the fastest selling records of all time, and topped the charts in 2007. Now she headin' to the U.S. to come share the love. Backed by Simon Cowell, obviously, and Clive Davis, the legend, and a $10million investment, Leona Lewis is trying to repeat what she did out there. Her single, "Bleeding Love" was just released last week and has already cracked the Billboard 100, she is set to appear on Ameican Idol soon, and she just sang on Oprah this week, and u know how artist's stock always rises after the appear on Oprah. Right now this half black/half white beauty can do no wrong. What yall think? Peep the video and track here and let us know if you think she can make it...'cause I think she will.
Leona Lewis -Bleeding Love (Audio)
Leona Lewis - Bleeding Love (Video) - UK Version

Leona Lewis -Bleeding Love (Video) - US Version

Common Rekindles The Lights
Common has revamped his joint, The Light, from 2000 which featured in the video Erykah Badu(my boy AB posted it last week for his bday) for Smirnoff Vodka's Signature Series Mix Cd. Once again Common can do no wrong on this track, and Just Blaze once again murdered the beat. Common really is one of the heavyweights in Hip Hop, more people better recognize, and the dude doin' movies now. He was in Smokin' Aces and American Gangster, but watch out for him in the upcoming movie with Angelina Jolie, Wanted, and Street Kings with Forest Whitaker.

Hip Hop Saved Lupe's LifeNow I know I posted on this dude last week about his Superstar remix track, but this dude just keeps comin' with it. Lupe Fiasco has finally released the follow up single to Superstar off his album The Cool and it's titled "Hip Hop Saved My Life." The joint is hot, the video is hot, and it just reminds how good Lupe can be. He a breath of fresh air every time I hear one of his tracks. Peep the video and track here and enjoy.
Lupe Fiasco - Hip Hop Saved My Life (Audio)
Lupe Fiasco - Hip Hop Saved My Life (Video)

Alright, I'm out. Make sure u crank your volume up for these joints here.

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