Thursday, February 14, 2008

R&N - 02/14/08 - LEAK CRITIQUE!


Justin Timberlake - Take Away ur Luv

Ok, after you hear this joint, you will be like, " it me, or is this a long lost sample from Stevie Wonder?" Not saying that it is....but I AM just Sounds like Justin is tired of being Mr. Pop.

Not that he can help it. I just don't see "them" letting him go...IF you know what I mean. He could do an entire Stevie Wonder album and the world would still consider him pop. I mean I would be mad Jay. I'm just sayin. I like the joint 3 1/2 outta 5 stars. Its cool but not a Wooohoooo track in my opinion. Definitely a Valentine's jam though.

I don't care what nobody say. He still has a ways to go with me after the whole Superbowl incident....Oh you thought I forgot?????lol Janet served her time and he should serve his.....but nice track Jay Tim......nice

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