Thursday, February 14, 2008

R&N - 02/14/08 - LEAK CRITIQUE


Carl Thomas - 2 PIECES

Yeah, not your typical song for a Valentine's dinner, but you know how you can LOVE a joint and not even have to pay attention to the words? Well this ain't one of those! lol Carl Thomas' joint right hur is straight fiya! I've been listening to this everyday all day, and I'm trying my hardest to stop so that I won't get tired of it. lol This will get a Valentine's night pretty steamy. Gotta admit though...the verdict is still out on if I like the album though. Clear change in labels. I'm just sayin. Check it out.


Now even though it is Valentine's and we're celebrating luv and all that, I wouldn't shun from watching this newly released video from Ashenkashae (Ashanti). I luv this joint right here, and it's finally illustrating Shae as a.......singer. But its quite disturbing later in the vid!!!! Oh for real Shanti, you gonna just stab a brotha now? She lookin nice in the vid but MY GOD THE VIOLENCE!!!!lol Naw on the real this joint is fiya and the video is cool and different. Someone kiss her management or whoever is leading her in this direction. Check it out. The kat in the vid with Shae is Christian Keyes ladies. You know.....oh boy from Madea Goes To Jail? I'm just sayin....


I know this clip was already put up.......BUT DANG!!! I had to put this joint back up one more time since it flowed with the words crazy......darrrannngggggeeddddd!lol I must admit though. I like different stuff.....soooooooo I like it? lol

Kanye West - Flashing Lights (Trailer)

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