Tuesday, December 11, 2007

R&N - 12/11/07 - EXCLUSIVES!

Mary J is workin' it

Mary J getting ready to run it with her new album "Growing Pains" has released her second single, "Work That". There's a regular version and then a version she got with Busta Rhymes and you know MF 3.0 got 'em both for yall. I think the joint's hot, what yall think? Regardless I think Mary J. gonna be pushin' a lot of holiday units.

Mary J. Blige - Work That

Mary J. Blige ft. Busta Rhymes - Work That

Cassie & Diddy together?

Ok, so apparently I'm late on this. Supposedly one of the many girls Diddy's been "swimming in" while doing his g/f/finance/baby mama Kim wrong has been Cassie. Yes, Me & You, Bad Boy artist again. Word is these two have had as you say, relations, and have been on again, off agian ever since she got signed. This will explain why she didn't get dropped after her album flopped. Ok well now peeps are sayin' Diddy is in LOVE and Cassie is the one he wanna settle down with not Kim. Man I tell ya that boy is a mess, but he still my n***a though.

Usher's bro, J Lac signs publishing deal with EMI

Usher's bro is stepping out on his own and just signed an exclusive worldwide publishing deal with EMI Music Publishing. James Lack, or JLack as he goes by has been making beats ever since his big bro got major and finally cracked the scene with Lloyd's club hit "Get It Shawty". Yeah, I ain't know he that beat either, well that joint and presumeably others were good enough for him to sign a deal and now he should be own his way. He just got work on his intro, his "This is a J Lac track, man" is not what that is. Go back n peep that Lloyd beat ya dig.

Lupe Fiasco is the coolest

Lupe Fiasco is this close to dropping his sophmore album, and let me tell ya I can't wait. Lupe is a breath of fresh air and if you ain't heard his joint Superstar yet then your a clown. Nah, not really but go peep that joint and the video Lupe making good music right now. We got the title track to his album "The Cool" and this joint is even more quality music. Turn up your volume and let us know what you think.

Lupe Fiasco - The Coolest

Snoop Dogg is the new Cliff Huxtable!?
The network that gives everybody a show has called up Snoop to have a crack at his own family-sitcom/reality show. Snoop premired his "Fatherhood" show this past Sunday on E! and although I ain't catch it, I heard it's pretty funny. Similar to Run's House, wish is off the chian by the way, but a lil more, I dunno pimped out? Either way I just wanna see how his kids be actin' w/ a daddy like that so you know I'm tuning in. Fatherhood comes on everysunday on E! at 10:30/9:30c. Here are a couple of promo spots to give you a feel of what it's suppose to be like.

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