Thursday, December 29, 2011

D.Will's Top Artist in 2011

D.Will's Top 5

Christian Hip-Hop Artists In 2011!!

This year has been a remarkable year in terms of Christian Hip-Hop! From the excellence of production, to the improvement of quality lyrics, and actual ministry outside the booth. We've seen some of our brothers and sisters that took a fall have nice bounce backs in their ministries, and younger artists take the bar set before them raise it even higher. I eagerly await whats going to be handed to us in 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

These are my Top 5 Artists That Stood Out in 2011!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1. Lecrae

This has been a very big year for Lecrae not just in terms of album sales (which dominated at time on itunes), but also the advancement of ministry. His appearance on the 2011 BET Hip-Hop awards marked a first for Christian Hip-Hop. Now with a running commercial for IAMSECOND, he continues to extend the reach of his ministry and all those affiliated with Christian Hip-Hop.

2. Andy Mineo

I liken his rise in Christian to that of a Drake in secular rap, not b/c they sound the same, but b/c he has introduced a new sound to the genre, and is quickly changing approach for every emcee. His mixtape "Formerly Known" is making major noise in every music circle. Previously known as C-Lite, and for features on albums of other artists like Shai Linne, Lecrae, and Pro, his transition to individual artistry is beyond amazing.

3. Canon

Much like that of Andy Mineo, Canon has uprooted what we have come to know as Christian Hip-Hop and has begun to introduce a new avenue of artistry and delivery to this industry. For some he is too brash and borders on that line of "I don't know" but his impact on this generation cannot be ignored. From his features on albums from Lecrae, Brothatone, Pro to name a few to his monster mixtape "Blind World" (which has gained notary recognition in many secular arenas) Canon has proved that his artistry is deserving of this ranking.

4. Pro

I'm probably going to get slammed for having him this low, but Pro has had a very busy year. From the release of his cd "Dying to Live" (which reaked havoc on itunes), his mixtape

PSA Vol2, and the launching of his new record label Reflection Music Group. Pro continues to make quantum leaps as an artist, even paving the way for artist like Canon, Brothatone, and my favorite Chad Jones aka Conviction.

5. The Breax

Where do I begin w/ this group. They dropped 3 mixtapes!!!! that's right 3!!!!! and two albums, the first "Parting Gift" and the second "Never Arrive". The continue to show that ministry has no boundaries, and that artistry are as individual as gifts and callings. This group not only displays a knack for addressing topics and thoughts that ppl encounter on a daily basis, but in a very candid way. So that alone merits their rank.

2011 showcased so much talent and ministries that it was impossible to rank everyone in my top 5, but here are some honorable mentions. I look forward to whats ahead in 2012.

6. Swoope - Spring Fling
7. Pastor AD3 - No Pain No Love
8. Flame - Captured
9. Da'Truth - Alive
10. Ambassador - Stop the Funeral


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