Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Vic B. Top Artist In 2011!!

Vic B's Top 5
Christian Hip-Hop Artists In 2011!!

2011 was no doubt one of the most productive years in christian hip-hop. 2011 shined for many reasons,but two of the main reasons are: The rise in quality of production & The rise in quality lyrical content. We're no longer just saying "Jesus Jesus Jesus"over a hot beat; Christian hip-hop has finally reached a point of true ministry and I for one am thrilled!!

Here are a few Artists that were standouts in 2011!!!

1. Lecrae
From his album Overdose (a sequel to Rehab) being released early this year to his appearance on BET's cypher, to his features in the Iamsecond commercials; Lecrae is this year's top artist because of the impact He's made on the entire genre of christian hip hop.


PRo came out the gates on fire! His mix-tape PSA Vol 2. was crazy!Couple that with with first album with Reach Records: Dying to Live and the founding of his own label Reflection Music Group and PRo comes in at a strong #2.

3.Andy Mineo

Andy Mineo (Formerly C-lite) is by no means a newcomer, but this year people finally realized how dope of an artist He really is. His free album "Formerly Known" is was of the most well put together musical projects I've ever heard. Lyrics and production on point. His features on 116's Man Up Album,Flame's Captured,and PRo's PSA Vol. 2. are bananas and help land him at #3.

4.Pastor AD3

If you enjoy skillful anointed singing, then Pastor AD3's No Pain No Love is your cup of tea! Pastor AD3 vocal talents as well as his songwriting shined on this 2011 release.Quality vocal arrangements and musical production take the cake. AD3 proved this year that he was more than just a "Hook singer", but that he can hold his own as the main featured artist.


Canon was definitely a breath of fresh air to christian hip-hop this year.His rapid flow delivery coupled with his creativity on the mic made every track he was featured on go to the next level.From his work on Blow your High off Lecrae's Overdose to his own mix-tape Blind World,Canon has an energy about him that swallows an entire track.Its that energy that's landed him in the #5 spot.

It has been a long year and there were many other artists that didn't make this list, but still contributed quality projects to the genre. Here are a few honorable mentions:

Swoope-Spring Fling
This'l- Beautiful Monster
Flame- Captured
S.O.-So It Begins
Tedashii-Black Light

-Vic B.

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Anonymous said...

its Everett and the only complaint that i have is that canon wasn't as high as i thouht he would have been but ultimately i like the flow and style of all the artist on the list