Friday, December 30, 2011

KMJW's Top Artists That Kept Me on Track in 2011

Hey hows it going everyone? Man 2011 has been a big year for me, come January, will be the end of my first year following Christ, and man what a journey I have been on. I came from an R&B foundation and some Rap, but man..... nothing beat me and my R&B. Want to thank my brothas D-Will, Vic, and AB for getting me acquainted with some good clean Christian Rap, Im gonna try and shake up your Spirits with some of these Ballads on my list. This list I have is from artists I have listened to over the course of the year that have a sound that moves my spirit, almost every time I hear them. So take a seat, turn up your speakers and let your Spirit free.

First on the list is Daniel Johnson. This guy has a very laid back CD " You Make Me" and the whole CD can be played in the back ground and create a real chill atmosphere for you and God to relax and build a relationship in. The Song that got me the most was For My Good take a listen

The next 3 were hard to rate, I liked each equally, but can't have any ties.

Micah Stampley, I don't like him just because Mycah is my middle name, but he has an anointed voice, and that shows in his CD "One Voice" the song I chose for you guys is Search For You, and all I can say is God "We Need Your Rain..............". Listen and enjoy

Kierra "KiKi" Sheard..... Man I thought she had me at Oh Lord (check that out too), but her latest CD "Free"...... Man that has me too. She has such a great voice and the notes she hits in her single Free along with the theme of being free of all burdens through God and that he allows for your soul to be awakened just by believing in him... just take a listen to this Soul Shaking song, I don't usually listen to female singers, but for her and our next artist, Ill make an exception.

at # 2 I had to put April Nevels, I haven't heard her whole CD, but her 2nd single Jesus You Are........ She has such Power in her voice on this song, its ridiculous. She was going through some stuff at the time of recording this single, and you can really feel her spirit crying out to Jesus, her "only refuge". Take a minute and call out to Jesus, Let him grab hold and he wont let you go.

At # 1 for me this year, Isaac Carree had to have the one CD I played the most, his tracks all hit home with me, the CD "UnCommon Me" opens up with an off the chain Piano score that just sets the atmosphere for me. It follows up with the song Chances and it just highlights how even though we may fall and "do things that wont bring" us closer to God, with "no reason or excuse for most of them so why do them"........ Even still God continues to show his mercy and give us chances. As a newly saved christian, this song helped me to let go of the past and move on to my blessings, If God can forgive me, than what business do I have feeling sorry for myself. Listen to this song and close out my countdown.

I hope my list was able to shake some of your Spirits and sets an atmosphere in your rooms as you listened to My Top Artists of 2011 list. Have a blessed day and be safe, its a New Year tomorrow. HAPPY NEW YEARS



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