Friday, May 20, 2011

News Leak

Sho Baraka Explains Why He's Leaving Reach

A few weeks ago Reach Records artist Sho Baraka shook up the christian hip-hop scene by announcing that He was leaving Reach in pursuit of other ventures. Upon releasing His statement, there was much speculation concerning the reasons why he was leaving, but in this exclusive podcast from The Lions and Liars: UNTAMED Sho sets the record straight and puts all the rumors to ease.

Play Interview Here

Much can be drawn from Sho's words, and some of it can be taken out of context, so rather than post various soundbites, we here at want you to listen to the interview and draw your own conclusions.

The interview itself covers quite a few different topics, but for the meat of matter concerningwhy he's going independent:

skip to the 16:00 min mark.

Sho has mentioned via his blog that those who would like to keep up with his future projects and future endeavors should visit .

-Vic B.

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