Thursday, May 19, 2011

Testimony Thursday

Hey folks,

For Testimony Thursday this week, I've decided to do something a little different. As you know, on Easter weekend, Lady Gaga had put out a new song and followed up with the video for "Judas." A friend of mine had gotten an interesting view out of it. Let me know what ya'll think.

Cultural Baptism: A Dismal Future
by Tanisha R.

I started out being a 'hater' to being confused, then I became appreciative and a fan, then I admired her and was inspired by her, then I was defending her and officially I became her 'little monster'. I can't speak for anyone else but I can definitely speak for myself and say that if someone asked me if I would like to become a monster, my answer would be "Heck no!" BUT one of my pop "idols" now says its cool to be a monster, it’s ok now. In my blinded adoration for someone I don't even know, I was losing my identity and following someone sheepishly because it was now fashionable to be a monster. So I guess if she said wear a hat made of fecal matter it's time for us "monsters" to step up to the plate, as disgusting as that is!

I'm pretty sure you guys know who I am now talking about, Lady Gaga. And you are wondering why am I writing a note about her? Well first off she is a metaphor for the social culture today so it’s not just Lady Gaga and second, I am disgusted at our culture today and for the future and how it is morally deteriorate before our eyes! I have been feeling conviction for a while and this is my way of beginning my own cultural baptism. As a TRUE Christian, and not the typical pseudo 70% American Christian, I view myself as a follower of the Messiah. A disciple, which derives from discipline, who will follow Him and defend Him, love what he loves and despise what he despises, and to most importantly lay down my life for Him and shed my old self and become what He is molding me to be, a beautiful strong mother, wife, and woman of God. I cannot be a fan of Lady Gaga or the rest of the American mess that they call music.

For example, I heard the lyrics of Judas from Lady Gaga and was completely disgusted. The timing of her release of this song was strategic, the same week of the most glorious day, Christ's resurrection! I know it's not the exact day, but this is the day that Christian's recognize. Judas is a betrayer of Christ and she even says:

"In the most Biblical sense, I am beyond repentance. Fame hooker, prostitute wench, vomits her mind, but in the cultural sense I just speak future tense. Judas kiss me. If offensed wear ear condom next time. I wanna love you, but something's pulling me away from you. Jesus is my virtue, JUDAS IS THE DEMON I CLING TO!" WOW, my skin crawls just thinking about that. Now I know that people say it is a metaphor and Lady Gaga is a very intelligent woman, she can find tons of other ways to state her feelings then this way which completely disrespects Christ. But I don't think that this is just a metaphor, she even goes as far as making her facebook profile picture a picture of a red cross and Judas written above it in red with a black background. She even posts 666 several times on her page, just do some exploring on her page if you have a chance. You will see the plentiful references of Christ's message and Christ himself being perverted into what is wrong or evil. She even admits that what she saying is meant to offend others, so she simply states don't listen to my music. Now that is a logical argument, not to support her any longer, which is what I am going to do. But with all of those references to Christ and evil and loving Satan, it cannot simply be a metaphor, and you must now view it as an attack on our Messiah. She says that she wants a cultural baptism, a cleansing of good to pervert into bad! And it seems that Satan is using her and she is proving to him to be a very successful tool.

Unfortunately, they no longer have to work too hard in the music industry because Lady Gaga is just one of tons of pop artist who are using their fame to promote sin and being wrong. An industry that promotes smoking weed and drinking to become super drunk as something that is cool. An industry that promotes premarital sex, orgies, indulgent sexual acts. An industry that promotes lying, cheating, hustling, please yourself in a oblivion of indulgence and pleasure. What is wrong is right and what is right is wrong. I remember at my old job I was called crazy by more than seven women b/c I stated that I don't want my daughter's role model to be Karrine Steffans, a woman who became well off and famous for being a mistress to several celebrities and slept with tons of music industry men and even earned the infamous name of 'super head'. I was crazy b/c she 'played those n*gg** and got paper (money), so she was using them instead of them using her! REALLY?

Whatever happening to just wanting my daughter to go to college and be doctor or lawyer. And that was the popular consensus that day. I was so disgusted at our society. And why am I considered a loser for feeling this way! Now I'm a religious zealot weirdo person because I think that whole concept is completely wrong. Not to mention, people think its cute when children recite misogynistic lyrics referring to sexual acts, but yet our children can't recite the alphabet! There is more things that I could touch on, but I would be here for at least a week listing what is wrong with our morally corrupt society. Unfortunately when I view what is going on currently, I can't help but to be sad. I cried for my children last night, because I know the backlash and persecution they are going to receive if I am getting a baby ounce right now.

I am calling everyone to action, even if you don't per say 'follow Christ' if you're my friend on facebook, I'm pretty sure that you have some type of moral conscious in your spirit. My suggestion is to live by example and hold others including myself accountable for our actions. And I am not saying to hate Lady Gaga or anyone else for that matter. Instead I am praying for her salvation every day. But I am also trying to live my life in a way that is pleasing to my God! Only he can judge, but we can stand up and say "No thanks society! You can keep your cultural baptism. I will remain in my morally sound and spiritually true FILTH!

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