Saturday, May 21, 2011

OnSmash Saturday

Hey folks,

Check out this track from Lavoisier ft. Bizzle and Bumps INF. Straight Heat! Enjoy!

Lavoisier ft. Bizzle & Bumps INF - Winning

Quick Bio:
A student of hip hop since a youngster, Lavoisier was first introduced to two turntables and a microphone at the impressionable age of six by his older brother, and so began his love affair with all things hip hop. His older brother, who was a serious and dedicated MC on the verge of a record deal would later be murdered in the streets of Brooklyn, NY when Lavoisier was twelve. Growing up displaced, losing a brother to gun violence and already having lost mother to a heart attack at age four, combined with the pain of having an absentee drug addict for a father, became too much to bear. Following a conversation with a close friend, Lavoisier began to pursue a relationship with God. “Jesus got me up outta them streets and healed all of those broken areas of my life, so that’s who I’m gonna do this music for,” he says.

Label: (Independent)


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