Wednesday, March 25, 2009

R&N - 03/25/09 - Evening News

Lots of interesting events recently:

Here's Long Island band, Push Play, who created a mock video for their fairly new song "Covergirl". I personally think the video is pretty amusing.

& Vote for them to win the contest on KIIS FM in California. (They're near the bottom of the left column.)

Their bulletin from this morning:
Yessssss! Middle of the week hump and anticipation for the rollllll into the weekend of fun, fun, fun! EVERYONE!!! DID YOU CHECK OUT OUR HOMEGROWN GUERRILLA STYLE MUSIC VIDEO OF COVERGIRL? We entered it into a KIIS FM contest. Here's the link: Please vote for it and tell all your friends to vote for it! Would be thoroughly amazing if we won the $10,000 because every cent of it would go directly to St. Jude's Children's Hospital.
PURPOSE!!!!! "

I have mentioned the Gentlemen of Honor Society multiple times during my writing for Music Forecast. In fact, my first article (last June) was about them. Well, they have recently acquired Twitters and all except Andrew Lee have their own Blogspot. Sooo, follow them! duh. ;)

Michael: Twitter (RiskyBusinessMB) & Blog
Jason: Twitter (theRoser) & Blog
Andrew: Twitter (IAMtheCOMMODORE)
Alex: Twitter (thePISTOL) & Blog

If you live in the Los Angeles area or you just happen to be there this weekend, you can win tickets to their show at the House of Blues this Saturday at 8pm. 102.7 KIIS FM is giving away tickets all week. & you shouldn't go without knowing the Honor Roll. See video. :) & learn here.

On a sad note, Stephanie M. Gotz, an original member of the Jonas Brothers' street team, passed 1 year ago today. There are quite a few videos dedicated to her. This is just one, with the very fitting song from the Jonas Brothers that they wrote for their grandmother entitled "Eternity"

Here's another video, mainly pictures. I didn't know her or get to talk to her, but I heard/read from her friends & other fans she was really fun and a wonderful friend. RIP S.M.G. "It's not Goodbye, but I know and I believe.. I will see u in Eternity."


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Matthew Lutey said...

Wow Push Play's video made me laugh, especially the bike part.