Tuesday, March 10, 2009

R&N - 03/10/09 - Evening News

Chris Brown/Rihanna Saga Continues...

Hey folks,

So I'm a give a quick synopsis of the past week for this situation...


Diddy lends out to the young couple and lets them stay at his Miami pad. Upset and trying to make up for the incident, Chris goes to a jeweler's and cops a $50,000 ring for Rihanna. This is supposedly the "engagement ring" that everyone is talking about... Proposal has not been confirmed.

Oprah is speaking out on the situation also steps in and is dedicating her show to domestic violence tomorrow in lieu of the situation.


On top of Chris having to go to court last week (next court date April 6th), it seems that the alleged "text messages" had come from... his manager, Tina Davis (seen on left)... They have supposedly been having a relationship since he was 16 years old!... It gets worse.... She's about... 40. In my eyes... 36 + 16 = statutory rape and jail time if true. What do ya'll think?

More as this develops...


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