Wednesday, February 4, 2009

MF3 Exclusive - 50 Takes Ex-Wife Shopping & Mafia Music Video
The Beef Continues.

Rick Ross - Mafia Music Vid

Now that was a very well made video, but I'm not convinced that Rick is really living like that...we know that 50 is. (400 million off of flavored water says enough!)

And It Gets Worse And Down Right Dirty... 50 Talks with Rick's Son's Mother!!

This is why we all love to hate 50 Cent. The brother is cold blooded.


Anonymous said...

I think 50 was real dissrespectful for dat one

Nikol said...

I don't think that FiF is fucked up for it. Everyone knows that FiF will humiliate you if you come across him; so Rick Ross (supposedly the biggest boss) was suppose to put FiF in his place - but we all know that ain't going to happen because he don't have the skills too... and by what I hear the money too. Rick Ross talking shit about him like he has the skills to knock FiF down a couple of levels - but he just don't.

I take my hat off to FiF if you can have a ni99a's baby mama speak on it; and tell you the real deal - then that's gangsta. I don't think that FiF is trying to make friends; I think that he's trying to be as disrespectful as possible (I think that's what you do when you have beef). LMAO!

Anonymous said...

Girl you so stupid and cheap. You could have at least got a car out the deal. You talking about Rick Ross renting his jewelry, bitch fifty just rented your ass. Another man will never trust your ass again you cheap HOE.