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R&N - 06/28/08 - OnSmash Saturday Pt. 2

Push Play rocks

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The guys of Push Play were on TRL this past Monday. They played in a "Rock Band" battle on the Wii. They won, btw. :) Who IS/are Push Play?
They're a band straight out of Long Island, NY made up of CJ Baran, Steve Scarola, Nick DeTurris, and Derek Ries. They play bass, drums, guitar, and keyboard... and obviously sing.

Their mySpace genre says: Rock / Pop /Electronica
(I'm not good at classifying music, but I know what I like.)
Personally, my favorite songs on their page are "Situation".. then a tie between "Far From Beautiful (FFB)" & "Starlite Addiction." but that's just me. You decide.

It seems everyone does webisodes now, but hey. it's cool:
This one is "#8: Who We Are"

It gives us a look into how their family has influenced them.

What makes them different?
- They give back to various charities. You can read more about that on the myspace page.
- On June 22, they got on the MySpace Top 10 List for unsigned artists.
- They just won PopStar magazine's Best Male Newcomer Award. (August issue)
- They made history as being the first unsigned band to play Madison Square Garden. They've also played @ Nokia Theater, Crazy Donkey, and The Knitting Factory.
- I happened upon it while writing this: The New York Times has an article about them here.

Their new summer tour "Push Play Rock the States" kicks off July 7th in Chicago. Their album "Deserted" was released on iTunes last December and stayed in the top 100 for a while.. which is unheard of for an unsigned artist. yeah, pretty impressive. I'd say so. & they also earned a big enough fanbase to get a Zootopia performance..

helpful sites:
old YouTube webisodes; New YouTube

BTW, at the end of TRL Push Play played "Away, Away" acoustically. & the gentlemen of Honor Society (see last Saturday's post) were there outside. and BOTH bands are looking for more state Street Team leaders. So check out their myspace page & see how u can help.. or create a State Street team if you don't see your state on the list/map. And Honor Society has MORE news, including their album being available on iTunes! "A Tale of Risky Business"

PS- both bands have a fan page on Facebook w/updates such as these. Check it out. :)
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