Thursday, May 1, 2008

R&N - 05/01/08 - LEAK CRITIQUE


What up all?!?!?!? I'm backer. Happy 1st of the month. Yes...gas is still stupid. RIGHT TO IT!
I'm definitely luvin this jam Luv in this Club but how many versions are we gonna hear!!???! I don't know. I ought to put all them up just to spread the You're right...It should be ok especially since we had an entire book on R. Kelly's trapped in the hurt closet....but still. I'm just sayin. I will say that I'm feelin part 2 with Bey. But then again everything she touches is gold right? Oh wait...wasn't there someone else on this joint? Oh yeah...why was Weezy on this again? I'm just sayin?

You that I think about it...this song overall isn't that I know I just did a complete about face on this joint but you have 3 hit makers and a good beat....thats it. It just doesn't do it for me. B and Ush sound great, Weezy is Weezy, but it's too much in the lyrics for me and I just don't believe a word they sayin. I know I got real deep on this one but I'm a big time critic. Just sayin. It's almost redundant. I know there just better not be another remix. The one with T.I. was nice and the original was cool. Real like this joint but don't luv it. Just sayin.

AND ANOTHER THING!!!! Why is he callin her Queen B?!?!?!?! This is all the ammunition needed to start somethin up with Kim?!?!?!?!? Who by the way I'm sure is DYING to get some press after that foreclosure AND repo of the jag??? What ever car it was. Didn't mean to put you on blast Kim. But this is how it ALLLLLL begins. Ok I'm done....just had to get that off my Just Sayin. Check out the track.

Holla peeps.

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