Wednesday, April 30, 2008

R&N - 04/30/08 - Hump Day EXCLUSIVES

Maaaaan, I got sum stuff for yall. Download, watch, and enjoy.

Busta Rhymes Made It

Busta IS Back, and is pulling out all of the spots. Always one to be different, Busta is late on this one and hooks up with Linkin Park for the single, "We Made It." The single is suppose to be the lead single for his upcoming album, Blessed, that is if the street single, "Don't Touch Me," doesn't grow bigger than this. MF 3.0's got the video and the track for you first. Enjoy.
Busta Rhymes ft. Linkin Park - We Made It (audio)
Busta Rhymes ft. Linkin Park -We Made It (video)

Usher Teams With Beyonce AND Lil Wayne

Three of the top artists in the industry who have each crafted their niche in the game have hooked up for Usher's Make Love In The Club part 2. The song is less of a remix and more of a new song and I guess was created in order to generate more steam before Usher releases his album, finally. The track is hot, Beyonce outshines all of 'em as usual, and Lil Wayne sound like he saving a little too much for his Carter III album either way the track is hot and just shows the star power that Usher got.

R.Kelly's Hairbraider VideoWe finally get to see the chick who did this to his hair! J/k, but really. Kels next album will be called TP: 4th Quarter and is dropping in the summer. Should be a hot, like most of Kelly's album, but it always do seem when he put that Twelve Play name to it, it just elevate the status. Guess we'll have to see, 'til then enjoy the video.
R. Kelly - Hairbraider (Audio)
R. Kelly - Hairbraider (Video)

Raheem & R. Kelly Serve Up The Customers

The joint was already hot when Raheem dropped it as a single now R. Kelly done put his touch to it on the Customer (remix). When you first hear the track it was already reminiscent of a R. Kelly track so it only makes sense for him to jump on the remix. Raheem is really one of the promising R&B cats that knows how to make good music. It definitely won't hurt for him to collab with R. Kels just as long as they keep it strictly musically. No hair, fashion, or girl, I mean women tips. HA.

Mariah Carey and Jay Z Are Both Saying Bye Bye To The GameI'm just playing. But they are both together on yet another remix to a Mariah Carey joint. Many of yall probably have not heard this joint yet, unless u done copped the album E=MC2, but either way the track has already been blessed by Jay-Z and has been hitting the airwaves. Pretty solid joint, but what do you think? P.S. Did yall hear that MC and Nick Cannon might be engaged? WTF? I didn't even know they were dating. Props to Nick Cannon, yall gotta stop hatin' on him 'cause obviously he's pulling em. From Christian Milian, to Victoria Secret model, to MC? That's a high ass batting average.

The Dream Needs Your LoveAlthough his album is banging, The Dream has been receiving TERRIBLE reviews for his segment on the Heart of the City Tour with Jay & Blige. City to city have been saying the Dream really ain't that good of singer, he can't move, etc. Despite all that, The Dream is pushing through and has just dropped his video for his third single, "I Love Your Girl" ft. label mate, Young Jeezy. This track is one of my favorites on the album, but definitely don't think it's gonna help ol boy push any more units. Maybe he's going for a European push. Either way, enjoy the video here.
The Dream - I Love Your Girl (video)

Ying Yang Twins DropThe always animated duo of Ying Yang Twins are back doing what they do best with their new club song, "Drop." The song both similar and unlike any of their classic booty songs of the past is produced by Issac Hayes III, yeah the legendary Issac Hayes son, and uses a Beastie Boys sample. Man, I swear music is just comin full circle but anyway here's the kicker. After it's release just a little over a month ago on Myspace, as the Ying Yang Twins used the net before they offcialled decided on it to be a single or not, the song has been played over 30 million times! Very close to a Myspace record. Whether the song is hot or not, somebody likes it. Is this the year of the Ying Yang Twins? Their album, "2 Live Crew," a nod to the original Two Live Crew drops later this year.
Ying Yang Twins - Drop (Audio)
Ying Yang Twins - Drop (Video)

That is it, I'm out to get ready for this Glow In The Dark concert tomorrow, HOLLA!


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