Tuesday, January 22, 2008

R&N - 01/22/08 - EXCLUSIVES!

Hey folks,

Ludacris - Performing At Super Bowl

It looks like Luda will be performing at the Super Bowl comin' up soon... I wonder what songs he's gonna do... I know it's gonna be big, though. The Super Bowl is Feb. 3 at the University of Phoenix Stadium.

Anywayz, ALOT of new music coming out right now... I figured I'd feed you some...

Ciara - Ahh

Gary Adams - Come Get This
Hey, if you wanna hear some more Gary Adams, check this post of him & Trick Daddy. Joint is HOTT and called "Who Will I Choose".

Lil Mama - One Hit Wonder (HOTT!)

Enur - Calabria

Now, last but not least (which I almost forgot is that joint that's burning up in the clubs, man. It's performed by this girl named Natasja from Jamaica, (so YES, this song is in English, lol. Kinda hard to tell if you can't recognize the accent.) Unfortuntely, she passed away in a car accident in France last summer. But the song lives on. Anywayz, It's a banga... Peep game. :-D


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