Friday, December 28, 2007

R&N - 12/28/07 - Video Exclusives!

New Vids!

Check out these new videos...

Chrisette Michelle - Be Ok

Johnta Austin - The One That Got Away

Lupe explain why he doesn't get gangsta on his tracks... This dude is so refreshing, you gotta pick up The Cool.
Lupe Fiasco - Interview

Also, we will be posting our Top 40 Countdown of 2007. So get ready for that... It might actually be put out tonight, rather than tomorrow for those who just can't wait...

Another note... due to unforseen circumstances, most of the tracks will probably be from YouTube. A couple will be from Zshare, so anywayz, at least you'll be able to listen to 'em... I'll try link them to Zshare if I can get a chance for New Years.


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