Saturday, December 22, 2007

R&N - 12/22/07 - EXCLUSIVES!

Hey folks,

Cassidy & Jim Jones - Jones Bottles Poppin'?!

Lol. Not exactly.. but yea... It seems that Cassidy's crew and Jim Jones' crew couldn't get along at a new Hip Hop Soda Shop in Tampa.

Word on the street is that Jim Jones and Juelz left a VIP area of the club, when Cassidy and members of his entourage arrived. Members of Jones' entourage came back and got into a verbal altercation with Cassidy's security guard.

Later, the security guard was hit in the head with a full champagne bottle and knocked out cold. That's just gutta... What can you say to that?

R. Kelly - New Warrant?!

Man... The boy, R. is back at it again...
A bench warrant was issued for Kelly for his failure to appear in a Chicago court. According to Kelly’s defense lawyer, Ed Genson, he was held up in Utah because of the snow... Kelly has a hard time staying out of trouble, don't he?

Jay-Z - Dumbest Moments of '07!

While 50 Cent & Diddy are on the Top of the list for Forbes Top 100, Fortune has Jay-Z under #32 for using dog hair instead of faux fur in his Rocawear jackets. Wow... that was a great move... until people allergic to dogs start complaining, lol. I don't think it was him, personally, but somebody high in that organization musta have been pink slipped for that move. :-p

Amerie - Fly Like Her

Amerie was on 106 the other day, and it reminded that I never put up her bangin' track, "Paint Me Over" on here... And it seems she's got things poppin' in the US soon... Check out her Paint Me Over.
Amerie - Paint Me Over

Keyshia Cole - The Way It Is #1!

The girl, Keyshia Cole been doin' it BIG... The finale for The Way It Is made it the #1 series telecast in BET history! More than 2.9 million viewers and 2.0 million households tuned in watch the special finale. Now, that should translate into hella album sales... Or at least a 3rd season... Congrats, Keisha.


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