Saturday, November 24, 2007

R&N - 11/24/07

Hey folks,

So lemme get back to those stories I told y'all about yesterday... PLUS a new one I found out about today!

Timbaland - Having A Wife & Kid!

Aparrently, Timbaland is planning to get married... to his publicist! On Nov. 21st, it was announced that his baby daughter was born. Timbaland and Monique Idlett have supposedly been dating for two years now, and are planning to get married soon... Congratulations to Timbo!

Ghostface - In the new IronMan Movie!

I heard Ghostface actually got a part in the new Ironman movie comin' out soon... I forget who's gonna play the infamous Tony Stark, but it won't be Ghostface, lol. Anyway, I heard he finished his part for the movie, and i think it's gonna be pretty hot...

Ne-Yo - Kicked off R. Kelly's "Double Up" Tour!

I don't know exactly what happened, but apparently Ne-Yo is supposed to keep the exact reason of why he got kicked off a secret... Rumors were that Kells wanted 7 dressing rooms for himself, and kinda left Ne-Yo without one... Other sources claim because Ne-Yo kept questioning R. Kelly's authority... Regardless, Ne-Yo is officially off the tour, and is now trying to do his own for his fans...

It SO sounds like the "Best of Both Worlds" tour with Jay-Z and y'all saw how that fizzled... Ne-Yo says he respect R. Kelly's music, but NOT R. Kelly as a man! That's pretty bold, but after that whole trial case with Kelly, among other things, I don't blame him.

P. Diddy - Finally Proposing to Kim Porter?!

So, you think Diddy has finally come to his senses after having his 6th child named Chance... That's just crazy... After his 3rd baby mama, he realizes he needs to marry someone... Rumor has it, Diddy is planning a to make a SPECTACULAR proposal any day now.

Diddy has supposedly already sent out invitations. There's going to be celebrities, camera crews, the whole sha-bang. If this is the case, Congrats to Diddy... finally.


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