Tuesday, October 9, 2007

R&N - 10/09/07

Jay-Z - American Gangster In The Making

Yea... Nas couldn't have said it better.. Hip-Hop is dead... lol... Nah, not really, it's gonna be on and popping in November. After I heard people who've heard tracks off the album, talking about hot it has a "Blueprint" feel, I'm really thinking it's gonna be hot.

JD - Greatest Hits Album?!

I heard from my boy, "O" that JD is putting out a Greatest Hits album... I told him that's cool... Diddy has put out like 3 Greatest Hits albums... Then he told me it was gonna be just HIS own hits, and Not So So Def... At that point I was ready to fall out... lol.

Let's think of what his Tracklist could be...

"Balling Out Of Control"

"Money Ain't A Thing"
"Run Out Of Hits"
"Washed Up Producer"
"I Spent All My Kriss Kross Money"

The last 3, I'm just playing... But seriously though...

Diddy - Gangster Production

Then I found out Diddy produced like 70% of Jay's American Gangster album. Then JD did some tracks, along with Pharell evidently... Diddy fits perfect since Diddy produced BIG's "Ready to Die" album, which was an official classic. Very much so a movie, from beginning to end.

We'll see out on that later, I guess. When I'm able to actually get some new "hip-hop news" and maybe get to post on MY computer, we'll get some real posts like usual...

P.S. - Is anyone mad that Diddy has now officially admitted to having 6 kids, without a ring on that finger... I'm a need Diddy to man up, for real. Marry one of them chicks. Child support this year is a gonna put a real whole in that million dollar wallet of his...


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I'm mad at him too man