Wednesday, November 21, 2007

R&N - 11/21/07

Hey folks,

Saigon - Saigon Speaks!

Check out this vid. I'm hearing he's retiring from the game... The politics of the game too much for him... But for the most part, this dude is talking about the whole Mobb Deep / Saigon beef... Sounds like some Ja Rule/50 Cent type stuff, lol. Just not as serious... If you don't know Saigon, but listen to rap, I suggest you update your rap catalog, heheh. Anywayz,

50 Cent & Ciara - Thanksgiving Together?!

I wonder if this is for real... Rumor is, 50 Cent is promoting his Curtis album in Eastern Europe... And Ciara is comin' with him... Not to perform, but just as a companion...?! For real?! Is she gonna be spending Thanksgiving with dude?!

Other thing is, is that I also heard her birthday came around this year, and 50 bought her a brand new whip I think it was a red Maserati! Y'all know those cars ain't no joke... I heard when Ciara turned 22, he set up 22 parties for her around the US! That's ballin! Anywayz, we'll see...

Anywayz, Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow from everybody at MF 3.0! :-D

P.S. - Please believe we have some surprises for you guys in the up and coming weeks. And PLEASE VOTE for my page. Registration only takes 30 seconds. Check for yourself.


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