Friday, November 30, 2007

R&N - 12/01/07 - EXCLSUSIVES!

King Koopa unites H-Town again

Peep Chamillionaire's new track Won't Let You Down (Texas Remix). It's fire. Man, it's a shame Koopa didn't sell this time around. I think he tried to do too much different stuff.

Crime Mob - Short one member!

Lol, I don't know big of news this is but Crime Mob, the group that brought you 'Knuck If U Buck' and "Rock Yo Hips' has annouced that her fellow lady rapper, Diamond has left the group. No word on the reasons why, but Princess did say that Diamond wants to go solo and is going to drop an album in '08. She also told us to check out her new myspace and peep Diamond's new songs on there. Solo album? real?

DJ Toomp and Mariah Carey collab!

DJ Toomp of Young Jeezy and T.I. fame is workin' on Mariah's upcoming album to be released in 2008. Apparently MC is almost done with her project but needed a club banger and that is exactly what DJ Toomp came with. I can't wait to hear what this seemingly unlikely pair came up with. Please believe MF 3.0 will bring it to ya as soon as we hear word.

Girl Fights? Lil Kim calls out Remy

Lil Kim has called out Remy Ma, talkin' down on the former Terror Squad's first lady on a freestyle to "I Get Money." Kim can be heard spittin the lines, "Who the hell is this chick, she's been out kinda long / Had one hot song, I'm sorry I missed it / Too busy being conceited being on my lipstick / Taking trips out in Cali chillin with the Hiltons." Now I know Kim use to be vicious back in her hey day but face it this ain't 1999, and Remy Ma is KNOWN for battlin', I mean that's what she does. And plus she crazy, the girl shot up her homegirl for stealin' money out her purse! Kim really need to be careful. What yall think?

Girl Fights? Janet Jackson vs. Mariah Carey

And speakin' of Mariah Carey her album which was to be released this month, but then was pushed back to early 1st quarter of next year is now rumored to have THE SAME release date of Janet Jackson's new album. Now I know they ain't no real beef with these women but you gotta wonder how long healthy competition stays healthy comeption. Should be real interesting to see what happens with sales and what not seein' as JD, Janet's boyfriend is helming Mariah's project, and L.A. Reid, the man responsible for bringing Mariah over to Def Jam is lending a big helping hand to Janet's new album. Wild. To me it all seem like a good way to bring more buzz to both projects, and ayo I think it's working.

Mannie Fresh - Sister found dead!

And to report on some sad news, Mannie Fresh's sister, Angela Bryant, was found dead in her New Orleans home (11/29) and was shot to death. No leads yet on why, or who but police suspect a random burglary. If this is the case then what the hell is going on? These robbers is fo real trippin. Angela Bryant is survived by her two young children, two and seven, as well as her newly wedded husband of last month. What a shame.

This is Dilly, yall enjoy the weekend. oh and GO VOTE!

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