Thursday, September 20, 2007

R&N - 09/20/07

Hey folks,

Just thanking everyone who has been checking out my page this week. I appreciate it. If you want updates on your favorite artists and check out the craziest hip-hop pictures, feel free to join the Facebook group. The link is on the right hand side of the page aka "Music Forecast Facebook Group"

Anyway, now for the news...

FEMALE Clash of The Titans?!

Now that the "Clash of the Titans" is over for the most part, get ready for the female version of this in November... That's right... 2 divas will be goin' at it. MC vs. MJB. Can't wait for that. More info coming up soon.

Elephant Man - No Fight With Diddy

Apparently, the Elephant man fight was not true, (at the time, I woulda believed it, lol) so I had to debunk it. I hear his album is comin' out soon, though... Something to go check out, maybe. Bad Boy, Baby, heheh.

Chamillionaire - Hot Album!

From what I've been hearing, the reviews for Cham's new album have been pretty good. Unfortunately, the Kanye/50 clash kinda overshadowed him, so his sales may take a dive because of that. But we'll see.

Hey, buy his album, and you may win a plaque!

Anyway, check out his "Evenin' News"

Audio: Chamillionaire - Eve. News

After checking that video, check out the Family Guy parody I found.


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