Saturday, September 1, 2007

R&N - 09/01/07

Alright folks,

Now for da news...

Chamillionaire - Ultimate Victory Plaques

You gotta give propz to my man, Chamillionaire for bein' so creative. He plans to give fans his plaques. The catch:... Just buy his album, and send him the receipt. It's either gonna be the 1st 100 people who buy the album, or 100 picked randomly when he gets them. Either way, not too many people send you plaques... Especially if that's a rapper you look up to....

Y'all know what to do September 18th.

Oh yea... You might wanna know the OFFICIAL Track List!

1. The Morning News
2. Hip Hop Police featuring Slick Rick
3. Standing Ovation
4. Won't Let You Down
5. Industry Groupie
6. Pimp Mode featuring Bun B
7. Rock Star featuring Lil Wayne
8. (Skit)
9. The Bill Collecta featuring Krayzie Bone
10. The Ultimate Vacation
11. Come Back to the Streets
12. I Think I Love You
13. The Evenin' News
14. Welcome to the South featuring Pimp C
15. You Must Be Crazy featuring Famous
16. Stuck in the Ghetto (Skit)
17. We Breakin Up
18. Rocky Road featuring Devin the Dude
19. The Ultimate Victory


1. Somebody Gonna Get Hurt
2. Keep it on the Hush featuring Lloyd

Irv Gotti - Foul Interview

You know, I really just thought this was a horrible rumor... but, now it's poppin' out like EVERYWHERE. Irv "The Inc" Gotti got on Wendy Williams and aired out Ashanti, talking about how he had an affair with her. Keep in mind Irv is 10 years her senior. Keywords... Viagra, Extacy, record deal...

I hope he's just trying to get some press. He's killin' Ashanti's image now. I wonder what Ashanti and her momma gonna say about this... I'll post when more news develops...


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