Monday, September 3, 2007

R&N - 09/02/07

Hey folks,

I decided to have a break and get some rest and relaxation in. It was good stuff... Now I'm back to put you guys up on some stuff:

Rihanna - Beef With Teirra Marie & Her Father?

Does Rihanna have beef with Teirra Marie? Teirra had those 2 hot singles off Rocafella (Make Her Feel Good, No Daddy), but since then, she's fallen off... REAL bad... What happened? Anywayz, apparently she was in this magazine talking about that sitaution )since they were both on Rocafella), her father and their relationship as well as how she had to fire her marketing person.

Her father really doesn't approve of her music career, and they haven't spoken about it since she got her deal. Her marketing person was also trying to keep her as a little girl. NO MAKEUP... After doing a performance on an awards show, she got a nasty e-mail from them. So, she fired them. That's just crazy... But hey, she's VERY successful now, so I guess she's proving everyone wrong.

Lil' Kim - Ray-J and The Lambo!

So, apparently, Ray-J and Lil' Kim are going out. I find it funny after watching his Ray-J's old vid (Wait A Minute)... Anywayz, he apparently gave a Kim a $200k Lambo! So Kim is driving along, and i guess it was time for another rapper to be pulled over... Kim was caught driving without plates on the car, as well as without her license.

She claims that you don't need to have your plates visible driving in Cali. (Coorect HER if she's wrong, lol... I dunno.) And she said she left her license at home. Rumor is, she doesn't have a license... Hmm... Driving with no plates? And no license?... She JUST got out of jail! Is she goin' back in?


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