Thursday, September 6, 2007

R&N - 09/06/07

Hey folks,

I've noticed that I've been getting people from more than just my Facebook group checking out my blog. So, if you want to join the group for Excusive updates, feel free to join from this link:
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Anyway, now for the news:

Jim Jones - Going to G-Unit?

There is a rumor goin' around that Jim Jones may be movin' to G-Unit. That'd be hilarious. Cam'ron still has beef with 50. 50 gave props to Jim Jones. 50 interviews Jim Jones on Tha Bassment... You neva know...

I know Cam'ron will try send some shots that way, more than likely. Stories that Cam and Jones aren't cool anymore. That will be something crazy, for real...

Freeway - Album Pushed to November?

Somebody needs to really work on timing. Freeway is signed to Rocafella/Def Jam. Kanye... Def Jam... So why you got to push back Freeway album again, since he's had a single out BEFORE Kanye. (Correct me if I'm wrong.)

So, I guess due to the Kanye/50 Cent clash, looks like Freeway's album got pushed back to November. I heard the story holds true for Lupe Fiasco's "Cool" album. Now Free's gotta push out another single, I think. Make it happen, Free.

Foxy Brown - Happy Birthday

Happy birthday to Foxy Brown. she turned 28 today. It sucks that she's gotta be in jail on her birthday, though. Keep ya head up, Foxy.

Catch This: For those of you who check out AHH, just remember who posted up that Chris Brown video before Illseed. :-p


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