Wednesday, August 15, 2007

R&N - 08/15/07

Hey folks, hope you guys are ready for today...

Game - Belly 2?!

Rumors are that The Game will be in Belly 2! I don't know if he's replacing DMX or Nas... but it's said he will be in there... We'll see. I think it's gonna be set out of Africa, for those who remember the end of the movie.

50 Cent - Back Down

LOL! Few will ever see this day... 50 actually backed down from his bet of stop puttin' out garbage.. I mean solo albums if Kanye out sells him Sept 11th... I think he's getting nervous because of the 50 Cent/Robin Thicke vid that leaked... (Sorry I wasn't able to have the link up here when it WAS on YouTube... I slept on the oppurtunity)

Not to worry, I'll see if I can get an alternative source... heheh.

Foxy Brown - Another Koch Artist

After YEARS of waiting for a new Foxy Brown album, she ended up signing to Koch Records (Home of Prodigy of Mobb Deep, Jim Jones and Cam'ron). She's also starting her own Black Roses label there... Hmmph... Let's see how well that works...


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