Tuesday, August 14, 2007

R&N - 08/14/07

R. Kelly - Trapped In The Closet Finally Comes To Television

Y'all remember "Trapped In The Closet", right? R. Kelly's mini soap opera/song... Well, it's coming out in its entirety. From Chapter 1 - 22 on IFC (Independent Film Channel). Hmm... I actually got a kick out of 1-12... Are you ready for 13-22... or has R. Kelly's saga run its course... It's will be in stores next week.

And one part each day starting August 13th. Well, at least the saga will finally be over... Here's the character map someone chalked out: (Musta been bored, lol.)

Omarion & BowWow - Best of Both Worlds

Just in case I forgot, Bow and Omarion will be doing a Jay-Z/R. Kelly -like collabo album. Hopefully, it will turn out a lil better... Please no mase and throwing up guns at their concert, lol. But, honestly, i think it will be interesting to hear. What do you think? It should be out this fall.

Ice Cube - 10

Ice Cube will be in a new action thriller called "10" based off a book written by Shannon Eric Denton and Keith Giffen.

The movie revolves around a man who receives mail informing him he is involved in a competition for his life with nine other individuals.

Flavor Flav - Flavor of Love 3

You know, after a roast a dude on television, you think a dude would get the hint, lol. Well, Flav is back for one more paycheck... I mean one more season of Flavor of Love... Y'all want to see Flav and his momma again? I dunno. I maybe hatin' now, but I might end up watching the first episode, lol. Hey someone's got to hate since Future has been shutdown, due to his Sim Card getting stolen..



Anonymous said...

Yes! Bout time my man Flava came back. We know he could eat off those cd sells...

AB said...

I'm pretty sure you meant "Couldn't"... He went double plastic, right? :-p