Thursday, August 16, 2007

R&N - 08/16/07

G-Unit Edition

50 Cent - Mad At His Boss?!

You know, 50 should really be payin' me in Vitamin Water, either the drink itself (tastes pretty good) or a percentage of the proceeds he got from the company... Anyway, like I said yesterday, he's pretty steamed about his video with Robin Thicke getting leaked... which is hilarious... We all know audio tracks get leaked all the time, but how do you let a music video get leaked?! Before it even airs, at that?

He has a new mixtape track out, kinda dissing his boss, Jimmy Iovine of Interscope. He was like "I'm from south side Queens, i ain't got no f%^%# boss!"... I ain't puttin' no more news out on ya until I get some of that Vitamin Water, Fif.

Young Buck On Koch?!

What's up with all these artists going to Koch records??.. My theory... they don't sell so hot (platinum plus), so they go to Koch for more bucks... Ehh... it makes sense... Anywayz, apparently, he's releasing a compilation on his "Cashville Records" imprint... using Mobb Deep, Lloyd Banks as well as a few other artists to get some more paper... Just make sure it's hot, Buck.

Miscellaneous Info:
Thanks to Foxy Brown who has officially made it a crime to slap someone with her Blackberry! This is a great way to promote your upcoming album, Black Roses. :-p


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