Saturday, August 11, 2007

R&N - 08/11/07 - Late Night Edition

Wow... Hey folks, been on a "lil" break and look what happens?!

I actually been listening to Nivea's "Complicated" album (classic teen album, by the way) and my favorite song on it was "I Can't Mess With You" ft. The Dream... Tonight, i find out that Nivea and that dude have been married for 3 years! And the guy just got signed to Def Jam as an artist! Oh yea, did I mention he wrote "Umbrella"?! More on that later...

New Biggie Movie - They are looking for someone to play Biggie in a personal story of his life... which I hope will be dope. Tupac ain't the only great rapper. (Biggie and 'Pac were BOTH born in Brooklyn, by the way).

They are considering:

Sean Kingston(?)
Guerrilla Black(?)
the boy who played Big from "Sky's the Limit"(?)
Keenan Thompson(?), lol.

I'm kiddin' on most these, but not really... I'd say Forest Whitaker, but homie's kinda old...

Amy Winehouse is in "Rehab" (No, No, No). :-p... Oh, I'm sorry. She is in the hospital for "exhaustion"... (wink, wink).

50 Cent says if Kanye sells more records than him, he'll stop puttin' out solo albums... Who's up to help Kanye win that bet? :-p Need more encouragement? Go check out Future on his thoughts on "Ayo Technology" or whatever they want to call that song.

Also, Common came number 1 on the charts this week with his new album, Finding Forever!

I'll be back sometime tomorrow with more news.


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