Sunday, August 12, 2007

R&N - 08/12/07

I'm back from another eventful day...

Andre 3000 - Class of 3000 Soundtrack?!

Andre 3000's Class of 3000 is doing good all, the way 'round from the TV show, to the Soundtrack... yes... a Soundtrack. He's the only one I know who can make songs about Crayons and "Banana Zoo", and make it cool. "Go-rilla, go, go-rilla, go go!" :-p

Everybody, Do The Crayon!

Kanye West - Graduation Pushed Back?

Rumors that Kanye will actually have his album moved from September 11th. I hope it's just a bad rumor... I wanna see who's album is gonna pull through...

Tamia - It's a Girl!

Tamia and Grant Hill had a baby girl last Thursday! Congrats.

Destiny's Child - New Album? New Members?!

Rumors that there will be a NEW Destiny's Child group, with Solange, a girl from the UK who won an UK Idol's contest as well as a girl to be picked from a new reality show... *gags*

David Banner - Boycotting Permed-Out Pimps

In other news David Banner claims Al Sharpton is "a permed-out pimp". He's a little upset about him and Jesse Jackson's recent boycott on hip-hop lyrics... Go figure... More news later in the week.


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