Wednesday, August 1, 2007

R&N - 08/01/07

Interesting day today....

Fugees - Lauryn Killing Reunion?

It's rumored that Lauryn seems to be killing the whole reunion. She's wanting to produce tracks
for the group now. That's not flying with 'Clef, though. The production has been mostly Wyclef doin' the beats, but now Lauryn is trying to break the format.

Wyclef tells interviewer:

"We did a remix [with] Lauryn for John Legend, for the record “How High.” John Legend was saying our names. You know what she had [him] do? She was like, “Take off Wyclef and Jerry’s names.” Because she wanted people to think that she was the one doing the beat…I’m a producer and I’m a beatmaker with my cousin Jerry Wonder, and I’m a writer. She’s a writer, a vocalist, [and] a great [vocal] composer. And she’s great at picking out samples—she got 20 billion samples but can’t chop ’em up to save her life."

Foxy Brown - Looking For New Label

So many stories about Foxy Brown and how her album, Black Roses was supposed to come out... It's been years now. Now, there's a rumor that Foxy will be signed to Akon's Konvict label... Guess we'll see...

Turk - Paroled!

Turk of Cash Money Records has been in jail for 3 years now, after plain clothes cops busted into his apartment, reportedly not identifying themselves as police. Needless to say, a gun battle had drawn and left his apartment looking like swiss cheese. He'll be released in November.


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